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Children in Care Council

No decision about me, without me!

"I have been going to CICC for about a year now and I've found that CICC is a good place to bring forward any issues you have revolving life in care." (TM 17) 

The Children in Care Council is your voice for for all children in care in Wakefield.  We want young people looked after and those leaving care to be actively involved in helping to decide what services they receive. We have a participation officer for looked after children and care leavers to support the Children in Care Council and to follow up your suggestions to improve life in care for you and other young people.

The Participation Officer
regularly visits young people with their social worker or support worker and will also ask young people and care leavers what they think about the service that they receive and how it can be improved. She will then work with young people to set up projects or look at different ways in which they can make sure that their voice is heard.

If you would like to know more or to be involved in activities to improve the service you can contact the participation officer





If you would like to contact us, please ring Sarah on 01924 304195, email participate@wakefield.gov.uk or contact us now via the site