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Being Looked After


You are a looked after child if any of the following apply to you.

  1. Your parents or guardians have agreed with a social worker that you should live away from home.
  2. A court order has been made placing you in the care of the council.
  3. There is no responsible adult to look after you and the council have agreed to look after you.
  4. You have been placed for adoption but have not yet been legally adopted.
    Sometimes being looked after is called 'being in care'.

    If you are looked after or 'in care' this means you will:
    - Live as part of a foster family, this is living with foster parents in their home and they may also care for other children in care and/or their own children too. You will have your own bedroom. You may live in a children's home or a boarding school with other children and young people. The home will be run by 'staff' who will take care of you and you will have your own bedroom. - You may be looked after by another responsible adult you already know like a grandparent or aunt/ uncle. - Some people go to stay for a 'short break' from their family for a couple of days. This is often to give their family a rest from caring for them if they need a lot of help.

    Wakefield has adopted a number of pledges for children in care which are set out in a separate document. The main message is that we will support you while you are looked after as we would our own children and we will always involve you in decisions about your life.

    Children in Care Council have written a Welcome to care letter, by children and young people who have been in care themselves. We hope this will help you in your first few weeks of care, its got information about how to get further help and how to make links with other children and young people in foster & residential care. We hope it helps you through the early days.

    Growing up in care - BBC Newsround have created a film with the real 'Tracy Beaker' where she finds out what it's really like to grow up in care.
    She speaks to children about their real-life experiences and finds out how their lives have changed.
    What is living in care?
    When people decide it's better for children to be away from their parents for a while, it's known as living in care.
    There are about 70,000 children living in care in the UK - that might sound like a lot but it's actually less than 1% of all the kids in the country.

If you would like to contact us, please ring Sarah on 01924 304195, email participate@wakefield.gov.uk or contact us now via the site