We had an amazing time!!

On Thursday the 16th February young people, professionals and carers joined together to celebrate all the amazing achievements made by children in care from Wakefield in the last year.

The awards were hosted by members of the Children in Care Council, who did the job perfectly.

The Right Worshipful Mayor of the District of Wakefield and Councilor Kathryn Scott presented the award, which were for achievements made in Education, Recreation, Being Involved and Making a Positive Change. There were four Category Winners who received a trophy to recognise their exceptional achievements.

One of the winners said he was shocked to receive a prize but it felt really good.

Throughout the evening young people took part in entertaining, whether it was the conga, karaoke, some lip syncing or dancing, it really was a great evening of fun and celebration.

One carer said, “It was the most humble awards ceremony I have been to, an excellent experience for all that took part in the celebration of everyone’s success.



On Thursday 24th February children and young people, their carers and their workers came together to celebrate all their, hard work, endeavour and personal achievements over the last couple of years

The Care4Us Awards were held at Ossett Town hall- a beautiful venue fitting for such a grand occasion which was decorated by members of the Build Our Futures Children in Care Council (CICC) and enthusiastic workers who support them.

The event was designed by CICC who worked hard to plan and make an event suitable for these uncertain times. We did have to limit numbers due to keeping below capacity to make sure we were minimising risk.

The Awards were presented by The Right Worshipful Mayor of the District of Wakefield supported by a member of CICC whom she asked to be her consort for the evening.
The Disco was provided by a young person working with Simon from Five Towns Radio.

Food was provided by a local deli company and a dessert Parlour.

There were some breath-taking achievements celebrated on the night including a young person who started her NHS Apprenticeship just before Lockdown. She showed empathy as she looked after ill and dying patients during long days wearing PPE, caring for those with Covid 19. Her motivation was outstanding, and carers were in awe of her 5am get-ups to start her day with a smile on her face and a can-do attitude.”

The overall winner was celebrated for gaining the title, Grand Master Supreme in his age category at the National Tae-Kwon-Do Championships, then winning 1st and 2nd places in Sparring, Power Testing and Tag Team in the British Championships.

The Five rule or tenets of Tae-Kwon-Do are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self- Control and Indomitable spirit. Something our young champion, and indeed all of our young people in care in Wakefield display in abundance

There are so many opportunities for you to shine and show others the achievements and progress you make while you are in care.

We want you to be able to feel proud of your achievements at school, college and activities or hobbies.

This part of the website helps you to share with others your achievements and you can find out about getting awards and certificates.

There are also work experience opportunities for those of you that want to learn more and share your experiences of being in care with staff that work for Children and Young People’s Services through our special training programmes - which are delivered by young people and people that have been in care in Wakefield!