Hello my name is Karen Featherstone and I am the manager of the Family Time team and I would like to tell you a little about who we are and what we do.

Our family time team has 15 Children & Family Workers who are experienced in working closely with children, young people and their families.

Our role is to ensure that you can see your families, parents, grandparents or anyone who may be important to you in a safe and secure place.

Sometimes there are reasons why family time has to be facilitated in this way to keep everyone safe and make sure everyone is happy during family time together.  

Your allocated Social worker will decide on the amount of family time that is suitable for you and your family. 

Your carer will usually bring you to and from the centre or if this is not possible you may be collected by the same Children and Family Worker who will support you throughout the family time.

The worker will remain in the family time with you throughout your time together.

We will not intrude upon your family time and only sit back and ensure everyone is enjoying their time together. There may be other times when you do not feel happy and need the support from our worker and they will do so. 

Our team have two buildings to facilitate contact with a number of different size rooms which will be large enough to accommodate your family size.

There are activities available in the rooms for you to use during your family time.

There is also a kitchen that can be used in order for your family to share a meal together should that be required.

Usually when your family time comes to an end, you will say your goodbyes in the room and your family will leave before you. Your worker will remain with you just in case you feel a little sad.

Your worker will then take you to be reunited with your carer or may take you back to your placement.

The children & family worker will then complete a report about your family time so that your social worker knows how it is going.

During Covid-19 , things may be a little different but you will be informed of any changes by your social worker so you are aware of them before you have your family time.