All children and young people in care have reviews. A Review meeting is your meeting, about you, which the law says family services should hold at least every six months for children who are in care.

LAC Reviews

An Introduction to the Mind of My Own app

At the meeting Safeguarding and Family Support Services have to think about how you are getting on

It looks at day to day matters as well as the plans that there are for your future (known as the Care Plan). This guide has been co-written by young people to help you get the most out of your review.

Children and young people in Wakefield told us:

“We need to know about our rights before a review. We want our wishes and feelings to be fully included and we want to be involved in how our reviews are planned and run’”

"You always have a choice to go to your review; I always go because it’s my chance to talk to my carer and social worker at the same time”

The most important person at review is you!

We want to help you attend your review because you will have a say in the decisions that affect your life.