Introduction to Care LETTER

welcome ornament sat on leafy floor

"Being new into care can be scary and takes time to get your head around. There's no need to worry, because there are lots of people to help you." - Liam

“Don’t look back, look forward.”

Remember: “No decision about me, without me.”

“Participation makes life in care better for others."

Going into care is an emotional time, but soon you will start to feel safe and secure. You can trust what we have said here because we have all been in care. Everyone’s experience of care is different, but your experience will be good if you are healthy, safe and happy.

With massive thanks to Maisie, Charlotte,
Ben, Jamie, Adam W Ben, Jamie, Adam W, Adam S, Leah, Danielle , Leanne, Damien, Leanne, Damien, Tamara, Katherine, Stuart, Grant, Corey, Tarnia, Sam
Edited by Karl Laura and Bethan