When you turn 18, you'll have more freedom in your relationships: Next Steps will support you with your relationships with your family and friends and you will supported to identify positive relationships and make good community Links

  • Your social worker - Your social worker will be replaced with a personal advisor.
  • Your siblings - You won't need to arrange contact with siblings through your social worker anymore, you can do it yourself. If they're still in care, you'll need to speak to their carer or Social Worker . Ask your personal advisor for more information.
  • Your parents and family - safeguarding laws don't apply to 18 year olds, so you and your family will be free to contact each other, unless there are any specific legal restrictions.

If we are worried about your relationships...

Next Steps know:

  • there are lots of people in your life who care for you, and who you care about.
  • that at times you may feel that there are people in your life who upset you or where you feel they may not have your best interests at heart.
  • that as you get older you sometimes start to remember and understand more about your history and that can make you sad and angry.
  • that sometimes you might take that anger and frustration out on us.
  • that sometimes you need to talk and when you need to talk we will listen.

Next Steps would want to get to know you, your friends, your loved ones and your family if you’re okay with this. It helps them understand you and makes sure that if you ask for advice we are making it with a real idea of what is happening for you.

If you are worried about any of your relationships talk to your PA. They can help you access services who can help you.