It's the Build Our Futures Summit on the 9th Oct at Wakefield College 



On Saturday 15th May we had our Build Our Futures Summit 

It was hosted by three care experienced young people and looked at children's priorities for Wakefield 


This event will be hosted by a young person who is in care and include motivational messages from a care experienced speaker. 

This is our fourth summit where young have had the chance tot alk about things that are important to children in Wakefield.

There are lots of interactive workshops and interesting things to see and do.

We'll be asking if things have improved in Wakefield and what still needs to be done to make it a fab place to grow up in?

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At our last summit we decided on 8 priorities,
here are some of the updates on what has been

Climate Change
We met with Cllr Hemingway to talk about the
Climate Change plan for Wakefield. Maddy,
Hope and Kayleigh, gave ideas on what more
could be done. We hope to be involved in the
plans over this year!

Digital Poverty
WF -Connect have received 296 donated digital
devices. 155 have already been sent out to
children in Wakefield, who didn't have a way of
connecting to online schooling

Support for Young Carers
Young carers have been involved in developing a
Young Carers App, which will be launched in May 

Youth Hubs


  • 📢 Calling all 16-24 year-olds

🤔 We want to know your thoughts on potential Youth Hubs in Wakefield

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Build Our Futures Summit - Find out what children think about Wakefield...

Children’s Mental Health Week 2021

Tell us or show us how you express yourself and we'll share your story on this website.


Build Our Futures 

Visit WF-I-Can for more information and loads of brilliant resources


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Build Our Futures are the umbrella group for all of Wakefield Youth Voice activities 


We are working together to make sure that all children and young people have their say on the things that affect them.

We want to make Wakefield a great place to live by:

  • Making our communities better and safer places to be.
  • Improve how people treat each other, encouraging respect and raising awareness of bullying, racism and homophobia
  • Helping to review and co-design services for children and young people, to make them better and make sure that the right support is given at the right time

Download the BOF newsletter for more information on how to get involved

There are lots of children in care who take part in these groups. The groups are really supportive and great fun to be involved in.  Why not get involved?

BOF are running a training programme for children and young people in Wakefield to help us make a difference and have our say! 

Build Our Futures Young People’s Accredited Training

Listening Training

Learn how to really listen and how to develop ways of helping people express themselves

Resilience Training

Learn and practice skills to help you feel good about yourself and bounce back from trauma.

Equality and Diversity Training

Challenge your own stereotypes, learn new ways of seeing life and celebrate difference.

Participation Training

Learn about basic rights to have your say, develop skills in chairing meetings, making a difference and getting the best out of people.

Interviewing adults for jobs with children

"It’s not fair to employ a social worker without children interviewing them because what would happen if they got the job then found out that children don’t like them?” 

Learn about selection and recruitment, questioning, assessment and deciding who is fit to work with children and young people.

Training adults to support children

Learn about presentation skills, co working, and challenging adults to give better support to children and young people.

Peer Mentoring

To do this training you need to have completed of all the other training. 

Learn how to support your peers, advocate for them, help them find their voice, and keep yourself safe.


Let your participation worker, Rich  know if you would like to take part in any of the following training:

Check out other groups in Wakefield below!