Over the last three months, Care experienced people have been involved in 7 interviews for senior staff in the Children and Young People Service


Would you like to be part of the next interview panel.  We provide food, suppport with transport and training.  Plus there is a small payment for your valuable time.


Kam, Casey and Cloud interviewed candidates for the Role of Personal Advisor in November 2021

The candidates were really strong. 

"We asked questions about accommodation, making sure our feelings and wishes were listened to and how they would make sure we feel valued."

"We got to make the telephone call to the successful candidate. We really liked the person who got the job!"



Josh and Liam interviewed for the job of manager for the Next Steps team in July. 

"It’s good that care leavers have a say because we know what questions to ask to make sure that the new manager is going to do a good job."

"We asked questions about better support for care leavers and making sure there is a good transition from care to independent living."

Liam- I have been part of the Children in Care Council for five years and now I’m a member of the 16+ Forum.

Doing interviews and working in CICC has built my confidence and I’ve met lots of new people.

Josh- I’ve done interviews before and it was alright. 

If you’d like to get involved in interviewing or joining  the 16+ Forum talk to your PA or ring Richard on 07920503473