My name is Liam and I’m the Recruitment & Retention Lead for Fostering. I work as part of the Assessment Team for Wakefield but I’m not a social worker.

 My role primarily resolves around recruiting new foster carers for the children of Wakefield as well as working with our existing carers. I lead on the creative side of marketing and I’m responsible for raising the profile of Wakefield Fostering through our social media channels as well as traditional marketing methods such as billboards, bus rears and radio advertisements. The ‘Be My Carer’ brand was launched in 2018 and in the last 2 years we’ve gone from strength to strength, forming partnerships with local companies and regional businesses such as Castleford Tigers, Featherstone Rovers, Heart FM & Rhubarb Radio.

Ultimately my goal is to recruit more foster carers and encourage more people to step forward and start their fostering journey. I run regular drop in events at supermarkets, shopping centres, local events and large scale festivals – you may of seen our banners across the district as we try to get out to see as many people as possible. If you have any ideas on how we could recruit foster carers, or if you think there is something that we could do that we haven’t done already, I’d love to hear them. Send your suggestions to and I’ll make sure to get back to you and we can discuss them further. Cheers. Liam.


Fostering Wakefield: Refer a Friend Scheme

We have many children in Wakefield in need of a local home now

Be My Carer graphic
Be My Carer graphic
Be My Carer graphic

Preparation to Foster Training

The first instalment in the new fostering series from a prospective household.