We are a team of Nurses and Doctors that are dedicated to looking after the health of children in care.

All children should be seen within 28 days of coming into care by a Doctor, this will take place at the hospital and you will be supported by your Carers and Social Workers. They will undertake a health assessment by asking you and your carers questions. They will also look at your medical history to make sure you are well and don’t need any medicines or extra support. If they feel you do need extra support they will either ask your named nurse to work with you or they will refer you to the correct person to help you.

You will have a named Nurse who will work with you and you will be seen by this Nurse every 6 months if you are under 5 years of age or every 12 months if you are over 5 years of age. The Nurse will prepare a report for your CIC review or attend if they feel it is needed. Your Nurse will check that you vaccinations, eye checks and dental checks are all up to date. They will also find out if your health needs are being fully met by talking to other people such as your Carer and Social Worker.

The Nurses will be able to support you and offer you advice on emotional health, toileting issues, healthy eating and healthy lifestyles, puberty and sexual health and any other health issue you would like to talk about.
Th nurse also attend the Family Fun Days, and run training days for Foster carers and Social Workers.

Beth at our Care4Us Fun Day