Hello my name is Kerry Seaston, I am the Service Manager for Children in Care

We have five Teams and five Team Managers

They are, Keri newton, Victoria Smith, Michelle lee, Debbie Reynolds and Julie Woodcock. They make sure your social worker makes sure you have everything you need to feel healthy, happy and safe.

These are the teams:

  • A Court Team,
  • Two teams for 5-14 year olds
  • Two 14+yrs teams

We want our children to be happy but we know that sometimes they are not happy and we need to find out why and get the help our children need.

Sometimes this could be by talking to our children, listening to how they feel and acting on their wishes and feelings. Other times our children need help from other people like the Emotional Wellbeing Team or CAMHS.

Social workers are not parents but they are ‘Corporate Parents’

This means they do the things a parent would do like, go to hospital appointments with you, speak to schools and agree for you to go on holidays.

Like parents, social workers will say ‘no’ to things such as piercings, parties or overnight stays but this is because there are rules like in any household and we have to make sure children are safe. 

Wakefield are proud to say that all our workers in the Children in Care Service are child centred

This means they try and listen to what children want and try to put in place plans that help, support and guide our children. We all want our children to be happy, be successful and grow into healthy adults who go on to have successful jobs, go to university or have their own families.