Foster Care

My foster carer is always there for me; to listen and support me

Children's Guide to foster care

Children in foster care deserve to experience as full a family life as possible as part of a loving foster family.

What is foster care?

Children go into foster care when they cannot live with their mum or dad. When you are in foster care, you go and live with a foster carer. Foster carers are special people who have time and space in their homes to take care of children who cannot stay with their own families. Some children are fostered by people they know like relatives or friends of the family. Other words for being in foster care are 'being looked after' or 'in care'.

We have two Children's Guides to foster care - one for for children under the age 10 and one for young people over the age of 10.

Download the guides below to find out more about foster care in Wakefield.

Remember! These guides are not a subsitute for talking to your carer or someone you trust about any concerns you may have while you are looked after.

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