Our greatest Achievements

"We are proud of our achievements; we are making a real difference to the lives of children and young people".

(Children in Care Council member)

"The Children in Care Council is well established and its members are very active in addressing issues about the quality of their care, education and wellbeing."

Ofsted Reporting inspector 2011)

"Wakefield values its young people and it has put systems in place to listen to them. Wakefield does a lot - other authorities don't have Participation as high on the agenda."

(Lilac Report 2010)

We are winners of the first national award for participation 'Lilac' - Leading improvements for looked after children.

Read the LILAC report for Wakefield.

We have developed a document that explains our achievements and what we plan to do next - this is called the





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Why a Children in Care Council?
Children in care councils (known as CICC's) are an important opportunity for children and young people in care & care leavers to have their say about the care system and discuss any issues. The government asked that all Local Authorities set up CICC's, they all run quite differently, but the central idea is that they are run by young people that have experienced life in care. By sharing their experiences they can help social workers, managers and other professionals deliver services and make sure the lives of looked after children improve. The CICC helps to challenge negative perceptions of looked after children and champion's children's rights. Read more about Wakefield CICC

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