Overnight Stays - Guidance

Guidance and Good Practice in the decsion of overnight stays for Looked After Children and Young People.

Wakefield Council requires foster carers and staff to make the same judgement for their looked after children and young people as any good parent would make when deciding whether a child or young person is allowed an overnight stay in a friends home.


  1. There is no statutory duty for CRB checks to be carried out on adults in a private household where a child may stay overnight. CRB checks should not normally be sought as a precondition of an overnight stay.
  2. Decisions on overnight stays should in most circumstances be delegated to foster carers and residential care staff, and arrangements for such decisions written into the Placement Plan or Foster Placement Agreement.
  3. Looked After Children should as far as possible be granted the same permissions to take part in normal and acceptable age appropriate peer activities as would reasonably be granted by the parents of their peers.
  4. Only where there are exceptional reasons should the permission of the responsible authority be required or restrictions placed on overnight stays.

Download the full guidance

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