Wakefield's Leaving Care Forum

What is a Leaving Care Forum?
A Leaving Care Forum is a discussion group where Care Leavers can meet with the decision makers to talk about their experiences of Leaving Care.
More than this a Leaving Care Forum tries to improve the service provided for other Care Leavers by encouraging positive change.
Care Leavers will run the forum and choose what items are put on the agenda - if your passionate about making a difference this is for you.
what can be discussed?
there are many potential items to put on an agenda, perhaps examples could be:
Law - what recent changes are made in law that affect care leavers?
The Leaving Care Age - what age do you think the Leaving Care Service should support you until?
Groups run by the Leaving Care Service - are they working, whats good about them?
Setting Up Home Allowance or Leaving Care Grant - what's it spent on and is this what you want to spend it on?
Experiences of Independant Living.
get involved, you could be the difference that makes the Leaving Care Service "Outstanding"
part of the first meeting will be giving Care Leavers roles within the Forum. WE WILL NEED :
Chair - Care Leaver to chair and run the meetings.
Vice Chair - Care Leaver to assist the Chair
Minute Taker - Care leaver to take notes and distribute the minutes of the meetings to attendees
Researchers - Care Leavers to Research topics they are interested in and to feed these back to the forum.
treasurer - Care Leaver  to manage the budget for the forum.
Deputy Treasurer - Care Leaver to assist the Treasurer.

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