My Life Story

What is Life Story work?
  • Life story work is here to support you to look at your life from when you were born until now and will help you understand your family history.
  • You will be able to ask questions to find out about your birth family and the places you have lived.
  • Your social worker will listen to your ideas about what you want to include in your life story and will start collecting information in a treasure box for you.
  • We will keep the treasure box safe for you until we think you are ready to keep it yourself.

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Why a Children in Care Council?
Children in care councils (known as CICC's) are an important opportunity for children and young people in care & care leavers to have their say about the care system and discuss any issues. The government asked that all Local Authorities set up CICC's, they all run quite differently, but the central idea is that they are run by young people that have experienced life in care. By sharing their experiences they can help social workers, managers and other professionals deliver services and make sure the lives of looked after children improve. The CICC helps to challenge negative perceptions of looked after children and champion's children's rights. Read more about Wakefield CICC

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