What's happening in 2018

Children in Care Council are working on the current projects this year, so far!


1. Re-branding the CICC - we had a short list of names selected by children and young people. The top two were: Let Your Voice Be Heard and Build our Futures. The winner was...

Build our Futures

We are now working on a logo design as planned for the summer holidays.

2. Young people's presentation at the Foster Carers conference about 'transitions' and the importance of 'belongings'.

3. Local Safeguarding Board Annual Report 2018 contributions

4. Refresh of Children looked After Strategy contribution

5. Work with IRO team to look at creating a top tips guide for IRO's about including young people in reviews.

6. Refresh of this website!

7. Developing more CICC Junior event days linked with main CICC

8. Corporate Parenting Panel - established a new group and format to work with corporate parents



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