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All looked after children and young people are entitled to weekly pocket money.
The table shows how much you should get depending on your age.

For very young children (pre-school) the money will be paid in to a savings account for you by your foster carers.




1 year to 4 years



5 years



6-7 years



8-9 years



10 years



11-12 years



13 years



14 years



15 years



16 years



17 years



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Why a Children in Care Council?
Children in care councils (known as CICC's) are an important opportunity for children and young people in care & care leavers to have their say about the care system and discuss any issues. The government asked that all Local Authorities set up CICC's, they all run quite differently, but the central idea is that they are run by young people that have experienced life in care. By sharing their experiences they can help social workers, managers and other professionals deliver services and make sure the lives of looked after children improve. The CICC helps to challenge negative perceptions of looked after children and champion's children's rights. Read more about Wakefield CICC

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