We have a new film but under the Data Protection Act we cannot post it on as we want to keep the children and young people personal information and privacy safe. We are happy to say that we did two showing to different members of staff and managers and it was a very good turnout. Everyone enjoyed and loved the film. The film is to promote fostering within Wakefield. Which was made by children and young people and it is called Put Us in the Picture.


Here are some quotes from people who have watched the film:


"It's a great way to promote Fostering in Wakefield because it is coming from young people who have been in the experience and know what it feels like"


"It gives a fantastic insight into the experiences that a child and young people go though, it's also gives you a great child's eye view into how it looks and feel for a young person"



Hear more about what we do from this short film made by our members and managers!


 If you enjoyed what you watched, get in touch and join today!

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