Me and My Review

Me and My Review - Young People's Guides and Consultation Books

Children and young people from Wakefield were involved in making reviews more child centred.
We have created a new review pack to help you understand your rights and get the most out of your review.
You can download the pack in two parts, this includes:

1) The workbook which lets you fill in your thoughts and feelings about your life in care that you want share at your review.
2) The factsheets which give you tips and information that can help you to understand reviews and get through your review in a way that benefits you most.
You can also get the IRO handbobok which explains the law which must be followed in relation to your review. This has been written by The Children's Rights Director for England.

The vision we have is that the child has the choice about the format of the review and that they can be involved by sharing their views and has an explanation/ access to their care plan. This is your life and your review is an important part in making future plans. The most important person at a review is you!

'We want to enable looked after children and young people in Wakefield to participate in the planning of their lives, not just in communicating their views when asked to do so at a particular point - involving children in their review by using the 'Me and My Review packs' should help the child's self-esteem, confidence and 'feeling of control' - Participation Worker.


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