My Social Worker

"If you are having any problems, are feeling a little bit worried about something, or just fancy a chat, your social worker will try and help you".

"My social worker listens to me and helps me work through problems".

"You can phone your social worker and ask them to visit you if you need to talk to them about something".

When you are looked after you have your own social worker.
Your social worker will come and visit you at least every four weeks. You can talk to your social worker about how you are and you can discuss the plans that are being made for you. If you need to see or speak to them sooner, thats ok just give them a call.
Each social worker will work with several different children and families.
They will make plans with you, so that you have all the things that you need whilst you are looked after.

You social worker will listen to your wishes and feelings and take these in to account when planning your care and your future.
They should involve you in the decisions about your lives. Your social worker will attend your review - remember it's YOUR REVIEW - and they have to listen to your views and issues too.

Your social worker will work with you and your family to try and make it possible for you to go home if this is the right time and for you to be safe and happy wherever you are living.

If you dont see your social worker enough, or are not happy, you also have the right to an advocate to help you work things out.

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