Jargon Buster

This is another word for being Looked After by social services.
An Advocate is a person who can support what you have to say, e.g. If you want an adult to be with you when you make a complaint and talk on your behalf.
This is the money you are allowed. You should het pocket money every week, plus a certain amount on your birthday and at Christmas.
This is to look into your needs within a certain area. For example Medical, Social services, Education
Care Plan
This is a plan that is decided with you about how best to care for you, and to make sure you have a good quality of care whilst you are looked after by social services.
Care Order
This is an order made by the court. This means that social services can make decisions together with your parents about things such as where you live and how often you have contact with your family. If however, your parents and social services dont agree then social services will decide.
Childrens Guardian
In some Court Proceedings relating to children a Childrens Guardian is Appointed by the Court. The Childrens Guardian will look after your best interest's in Court and will also appoint a solicitor who will represent you in court.
Childrens Rights
You have what are called "Rights". For a child in care this means "Having the right to have your voice heard and to be listened to" and "Having your opinions taken into account when decisions are made about you". If these rights arent being respected you also have "The right to complain".
Complaints Officer
A Complaints Officer works for the Complaints Department at Social Services. They are the people who will contact you if you make a complaint to social services.
This is the word used to describe when and how you see your family and relatives.
Foster Care
This is when you are looked after within a family situation by foster carers.
In Care
This is when you are cared for by social services (see Looked After)
Independant Reviewing Officer (IRO)
IRO's will visit you before your review at least every six months and help you have a say in your care plan and help you share your views. They will look after your best interests and advocate on your behalf. They can help you independantly of your Social Worker and you can speak to them in private if you wish. 
Independant Visitor
This is someone who you can talk to about things, who is not part of social services.
Key Worker
 this is a member of staff in a childrens home who has responsiblity for your care.
Leaving Care
This is when you leave either the residential or foster home and move to a place of your own. There is a leaving care worker who will help you to do this.
Looked After
 This means social services helps out with looking after and caring for you. This can be alongside or instead of your parents.
Personal Education Plan (often called a PEP)
This is a plan of your education whilst you are looked after by Social Services.

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The Nominations have been judged and invites to our Awards Ceremony have been sent out.
We also have 30 merit certificates which will be presented to those who just missed a place by their social worker before the end of the year.  A massive congratulation to everyone who was nominated!

It's the Children and Young People's Summit on Saturday.  Keep tuned and we'll let you know how Wakefield are planning to make Wakefield and place to feel Happy, Healthy and Safe

It's the Leaving Care Forum next Wednesday

Then we'll be meeting on the 2nd Friday every month to discuss issues and make real changes to the services that we receive.  If you are 16-25 and would and are living or preparing to live alone get in touch with Richard at

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