What we did in 2010

CampHill Trip
20 young people and the participation worker went to the Yorkshire Dales Ariel Extreme activity centre for a day of team building and fun! This was a reward for CICC members and future members for all the CICC's hard work and dedication over the last 6 months. Here we shCICC 2010are a photo of the day!

"The Children in Care Council is well established and its members are very active in addressing issues about the quality of their care, education and wellbeing." Ofsted Reporting inspector 2011

"Wakefield values its young people and it has put systems in place to listen to them. Wakefield does a lot - other authorities don't have Participation as high on the agenda." Lilac Report 2010

What this means to us...
- We can demonstrate that the work we do as part of CICC is making a difference to individuals and making improvements to services

What it means to young people...
They are proud that the work they have done has been rewarded nationally and motivates CICC to keep up the good work and identify the next challenges! 2 CICC reps became regional assessors too.

We re-established Make a Difference Group enabling looked after children and young people to meet with elected members on projects.

Launch of the 'Me and My Review Project' involving lots of consultation events planned with CICC reps - with the aim of improving reviews by making them more child focused.

Lilac CICC welcomed the Corporate Director to her first CICC meeting for a questions and answer time around care issues.

CICC members worked together managers and councillors to create the Participation Strategy and Action Plan.

CICC Juniors was formed ensuring children of primary school age 5 to 11 years are given a voice - see different activities under CICC Juniors

CICC representatives have shared views about the new co-location project and have been part of the steering group

CICC became a key voice on the Wakefield Youth Council

We launched 'Participation and Voices Training' giving young people the chance to real 'trainers' of social workers, residential workers and foster carers

We developed this further by offering training as part of the 'newly elected members safeguarding seminars' as indentified in the Ofsted inspection...
"Children in Care Council (CICC) meet regularly and also has direct access to very responsive elected members"
We are now working on a programme to train members of the Wakefield District Safeguarding Board

Latest News
The Nominations have been judged and invites to our Awards Ceremony have been sent out.
We also have 30 merit certificates which will be presented to those who just missed a place by their social worker before the end of the year.  A massive congratulation to everyone who was nominated!

It's the Children and Young People's Summit on Saturday.  Keep tuned and we'll let you know how Wakefield are planning to make Wakefield and place to feel Happy, Healthy and Safe

It's the Leaving Care Forum next Wednesday

Then we'll be meeting on the 2nd Friday every month to discuss issues and make real changes to the services that we receive.  If you are 16-25 and would and are living or preparing to live alone get in touch with Richard at

Tell us your ideas for the theme of 2019's Annual Achievement Awards.  See our quick vote form.

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