Our greatest Achievements

"We are proud of our achievements; we are making a real difference to the lives of children and young people".

(Children in Care Council member)

"The Children in Care Council is well established and its members are very active in addressing issues about the quality of their care, education and wellbeing."

Ofsted Reporting inspector (2011)

"Wakefield values its young people and it has put systems in place to listen to them. Wakefield does a lot - other authorities don't have Participation as high on the agenda."

(Lilac Report 2010)

We are winners of the first national award for participation 'Lilac' - Leading improvements for looked after children.

Read the LILAC report for Wakefield.

We have developed a document that explains our achievements and what we plan to do next - this is called the


 Participation Strategy and Action Plan 2011.

Gold Award - 2015 - we are proud to hold the Hear by Right Gold Standard Kite mark for participation.
We are happy to share the full document with professionals and young people, on request.

 Highlights from the report are:

The Participation Strategy and the Pledge are identified, and are indeed useful mechanisms for defining and promoting a commitment to participation from the core of the organisation. It's great to hear how involved service users have been in the creation of both of these key documents, and this is good early evidence of a commitment to participation being borne out in practice.


The involvement of key senior staff members at participation forums, planning events and In Care Question Time sessions is also relevant here, showing that staff at the core of the organisation are committed to participation in ethos and practice. The events themselves sound fantastic, and hopefully will be further addressed in the Structures Standard of the organisation's map and plan, where they are most relevant.


Commentary from children and young people shows good awareness around participation, but importantly for this indicator also supports the direct links between senior staff and service users at Wakefield LAC service. Active participation at the centre of the organisation clearly evidences good commitment. There is quite a lot of reference to active participation here, which is great in terms of Wakefield LAC service's participation practice as a whole, but most relevant to this indicator are the key documents that capture and describe the organisation's central commitment. On this point, it's good to hear how service users are aware of and value the pledge.


The Pledge itself is identified as supporting evidence for this indicator and it shows really good commitment to participation across Wakefield LAC service. It's very encouraging for this assessment that 3 of the 6 pledges relate to participation, and great to see how this pledge must be linked into all decision-making structures that relate to looked after children and care leavers too. This is a great way to promote as well as help embed a central commitment.


The CICC meeting minutes provide good supporting evidence for this indicator as they show the contribution of service users to key central policies and documents, and their engagement with senior (or central) staff. It's good to see commitment to participation expressed directly by the Corporate Director.


The CICC Forward Plan is relevant to this indicator particularly in its overall Purpose and Vision - good strong commitment to participation - and also in the requirement that senior managers take part in the 11-15 years group.


The Looked After Children and Care Leavers Strategy is itself good evidence of a central commitment to participation, being a key central document, but it's good to see within it a strong early commitment to participation outlined, and reference to the Participation Service at the Children and Young People's Directorate. The Introduction from Children and Young People in this document is powerful testimony to the commitment to participation of Wakefield LAC service with its reference to the direct involvement of central staff, the way those staff represent the views of service users, and the many changes the CICC has made in the council. It's great to read about how service users were involved in the creation of the strategy, and that their priorities align with its overall priorities. There is strong evidence of a commitment to participation throughout the rest of the document, and of particular note is the involvement of CICC members in high level Corporate Parent meetings, and the statement that "We want our children and young people to work with us, along with their parents and carers, to shape how we manage and organise the planning, resources and services that support and care for them".


The Participation Training Annual Report is also submitted as supporting evidence, and indeed participation training is an excellent way in which to communicate and embed participation principles across an organisation. The trainings themselves look great, and it's fantastic to see that several of them are mandatory. The fact that service users are involved in such a meaningful way in the delivery of training is an added bonus here, and is excellent participatory practice.


The Consultation Request Form opens with a really positive outline of Wakefield's commitment to participation, and the Participation Action Plan shows young people informing core central plans within the service.


The Participation Strategy also opens with good evidence of a central commitment to participation from the Lead Member for Children and Families, and this is extended beautifully in the Vision section of the document. It's great to see a definition of participation here, and also to see Article 12 connected to Wakefield's commitment. It's also relevant to this indicator that service users are involved in the central activity of commissioning - again, really excellent practice.




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The Nominations have been judged and invites to our Awards Ceremony have been sent out.
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It's the Leaving Care Forum next Wednesday

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