Terms of Reference 2018

Wakefield CICC currently holds the Hear by Right Gold Status for participation methods and effective engagement, CICC will strive to continue to deliver work of this standard going forward during this term of reference.


The Vision

The Children in Care Council (CICC) aims to reflect all of the views of all children in care and care leavers in Wakefield. They strive to achieve positive change and better outcomes for all children and young people by working in partnership with Wakefield Council and other partners. CICC contributes their views, ideas and recommendations to Corporate Parenting Panel, ensuring that they work together to drive forward effective change across care services.


The Objectives

       CICC offers young people the opportunity to discuss and resolve wider care issues that contribute to better services and experiences as a child / young person in care.

       CICC offers consultation opportunities for managers, policy makers and counsellors.

       CICC offers campaigning opportunities for the promotion of the rights of children in care and care leavers across the Wakefield District.

       CICC will be the voice of young people in care with members setting a high example towards the respect and equality of others. CICC members are leaders in developing creative ideas and initiatives; they operate as a champion for young people in care and make links with other areas of the council such as REACH, EWBT, LSCB, Youth Service.

       CICC will offer a key communication link, helping information travel between senior management and young people with the support of a dedicated Participation Worker.

       CICC will contribute to the promotion, development and current news on the Care 4 Us Website


       CICC will offer young people accreditation for their contributions alongside the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award  and other youth service engagement activities.

       We will look at project proposals by Wakefieldteams and partner organisations that deliver services for looked after children. CICC members will then decide which projects they feel they could help with and agree to undertake projects accordingly.

      Project groups may be established for work undertaken outside of the annual action plan. This could include things such writing a contribution for a report, updating the Care4Us website and developing a newsletter.

 The Membership

       The CICC has between 10 - 16 members at one time and young people are from a wide range of backgrounds, including experience of foster care, residential care and special guardianship.


       CICC is open to all looked after children and young people including young people represented by the leaving care team up to age 17 years.


       The age range is from 11 - 17 years (with some flexibility dependent upon the needs/ ability of each individual).


       The Participation Worker will work with any CiCC members or potential members to support them to take part fully in the CiCC. This may involve working with foster carers, providing specific support or providing food to meet dietary requirements.


       The CICC meet once a month, after school hours and are supported by the Participation Worker.


       New members can be referred to the Participation worker via the young person directly or by the social worker, foster carer, advocate, IRO, teacher or other professional.


       The CICC group will have one young person Chair and one Treasurer. An additional young person can represent the CICC at Corporate Parenting Panel and they must be nominated by current CICC members to represent the group.


       Staff membership will include: Participation Worker and representation from Barnardo's advocacy. The REACH Team (virtual school) also support the work of CICC with a dedicated staff member attending each session. Senior managers will attend each meeting on a Rota basis and the lead member will be invited to attend every meeting. Mark Barratt, Service Director will meet separately with the CICC group twice per year to focus on driving forward specific project work.

Other membership


       There is a CICC Juniors group for children in care aged 5 - 10 years. The CICC Juniors meet in the school holidays and has an open membership. Activities are promoted in the foster carers newsletter, at foster carer support groups  and via our website

For more information email

 Communication and Governance

       The important issues raised by the CICC during each monthly meeting will be noted by the Participation Worker and minutes will be produced that are shared with Corporate Parenting Panel.

       Recurring issues and scope for project work will be coordinated by the Participation Worker in direct collaboration with the views of the young people.

 The Ground Rules

Each CICC member agrees to the following ground rules when attending a meeting:

       To aim to represent the views and wishes of children in care and care leavers to the best of their ability

       Give everyone a chance to take part and listen to one another

       To treat each other, workers and visiting adults with respect.

       Treat everyone equally. Incidents of bullying, sexism, racism or other non-inclusive behaviors during the CICC meetings will not be accepted and will result in the individual being asked to leave the meeting.

       Take the work of CICC seriously

       Turn mobile phones off in meetings

       Be enthusiastic but don't be pushy

       Help to keep everyone safe

       No Jargon

       Be friendly and polite

       Be consistent and turn up each month

       Enjoy the meetings which will include a 30 min break/ activity time for the young people to socialise.  

       If a young person misses 3 meetings without a good reason they will pass their place to the young person at the top of the waiting list. A young person may be asked to step down if they do not follow the ground rules. Someone who loses their place can re-join the waiting list if they wish to be re-considered.

The Corporate Parent Links are:


Councillor Isherwood - Lead Member

Beate Wagner - Corporate Director Children and Young People's Services

Mark Nevill - Placements Service Manager


Dean Howson - Service Manager for Looked after Children


       Training will be provided for CICC members to provide the skills required for positive participation in CICC and specific roles such as Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.


       There will be two reward sessions per year such as an agreed activity/ or outing.  

There is the opportunity for young people to enroll on the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.



Latest News
The Nominations have been judged and invites to our Awards Ceremony have been sent out.
We also have 30 merit certificates which will be presented to those who just missed a place by their social worker before the end of the year.  A massive congratulation to everyone who was nominated!

It's the Children and Young People's Summit on Saturday.  Keep tuned and we'll let you know how Wakefield are planning to make Wakefield and place to feel Happy, Healthy and Safe

It's the Leaving Care Forum next Wednesday

Then we'll be meeting on the 2nd Friday every month to discuss issues and make real changes to the services that we receive.  If you are 16-25 and would and are living or preparing to live alone get in touch with Richard at

Tell us your ideas for the theme of 2019's Annual Achievement Awards.  See our quick vote form.

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