It's the Build Our Futures Summit on the 9th Oct at Wakefield College 



This event will be hosted by a young person who is in care and include motivational messages from a care experienced speaker. 

This is our fourth summit where young have had the chance tot alk about things that are important to children in Wakefield.

There are lots of interactive workshops and interesting things to see and do.

We'll be asking if things have improved in Wakefield and what still needs to be done to make it a fab place to grow up in?

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On Saturday 15th May we had our Build Our Futures Summit 

It was hosted by three care experienced young people and looked at children's priorities for Wakefield 



At our last summit we decided on 8 priorities,
here are some of the updates on what has been

Climate Change
We met with Cllr Hemingway to talk about the
Climate Change plan for Wakefield. Maddy,
Hope and Kayleigh, gave ideas on what more
could be done. We hope to be involved in the
plans over this year!

Digital Poverty
WF -Connect have received 296 donated digital
devices. 155 have already been sent out to
children in Wakefield, who didn't have a way of
connecting to online schooling

Support for Young Carers
Young carers have been involved in developing a
Young Carers App, which will be launched in May 

Build Our Futures Summit - Find out what children think about Wakefield...